Monday, November 15, 2010

Rings etc...

I have hooked up only what was necessary to run the engine. The engine ran very well and was very smooth, but the amount of smoke was too much for my taste...

Before reopening the engine, I have added yellow marks on the cam shafts off the "B" head which correspond to the balance of cylinder #1 on A head. The mark is pretty logical since the crankshaft turns 90 deg. from TDC of cylinder #1 to TDC of cylinder #6. So, the cam shafts turns 45 deg. When I put the engine back together, I will put cylinder #1 at TDC with the "0" showing on the primary shaft. The extra marks are just to double check the timing on the 4 cam shafts. If I miss a tooth it will be obvious.
I also kept the distributor in place to make sure cyl. #1 will ignite at the following turn.

I could notice an uneven ware on the rings. The engine ran for 20 mn or so, so the rings are not seated yet but it shows that the cylinders are not quite cylindrical. I the machinist who did the honing confirmed that they were oval but not bad enough to be re-bored (Which would be a substantial expense). To add to the problem, I removed some metal on the spring of the oil control ring, thinking it was too tight. So, no problem, I will replace the springs with new ones.

Checking the rings; the gaps were OK but some light is showing between the wall and the rings.

After removing and reopening the engine, yesterday I've changed the oil control springs on all cylinders

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