Friday, November 26, 2010

Closing down the engine...

Preparing to install the bottom half.

For the back cover, I've heard about two instances when an oil leak developed at this spot (Below); I made sure to had a good amount of gasket sealer on both sides of the gasket.

I had the heads pressure tested and machined. I have also replaced the stem seals, to be sure.

The aluminum of the block is damaged on several spots...

... I used a silicone sealer on those spots, on a top where I had a coolant leak on another engine and on the corners.

Some copper sealer on the head gaskets, since they manage to leak sometimes.

Getting there...

Some silicone sealer at the junction of the back cover and the block.

I made this little tool to turn the engine during the rebuild and to measure the torque to check if everything is OK in there.

Back in...

Replaced the gear fluid with Red Line MT90.

The surface where the O ring seats was not looking too good (Thermostat housing). Sand paper on the bench and some elbow grease...

The exhaust gave me a hard time (Muffler broken hanger).

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