Friday, October 15, 2010

Water pump, hoses and engine in car...

Closing the bottom...

VW bug exhaust gasket work perfectly.

When I've repaired the manifolds, the heat distorted them.

Main seal and pilot bearing are in.

I've sanded the flywheel and applied a mat clear coat.

Clutch is in.

Before installing the engine in the car I had to make a throttle cable.

Silver brazing cable into a 5mm screw (4mm deep).

Connection of the Diravi before installing the radiator.

I've split a shock absorber rubber bushing for the radiator.

This reference is for the crankcase breather.

Cut at the right angle and removed a foot from the straight part.

This is for the hose going from the water pump to the heater core.

I've cut 6 screws to replace the anti-pollution system on the intake manifold.

All the cooling system is complete.

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